Here is a selection of all of the shots I could find of the UK DTRA contingent from Snow Quake. 

Some of the shots have been sent to magazines and may be selected to go into print. Please do not put these shots up anywhere for now. I'll give you the nod if you want to use them when I know their fate.

I would however like to offer prints available to buy. I get my prints from 96 Editions, a fine art printer in Newcastle onto really nice paper. They're not the cheapest but they are the best quality that I have found. 

I can do any size but as a rough guide - 

A4 - £35
A3 - £45
A2 - £75

Prices are unframed and prints come posted first class (I'll cover the postage).

I don't make a huge profit on the prints but they help to build up funds to go to more events and shoot more cool projects. 

Give me a ring or text on 07566218526 or email